Welcome to the fusion of engineering and marketing. Welcome to GAGE3D.

Fluent in both “Engineer” and “3D Design”, we are able to bridge the gaps between engineering, marketing and education to provide our clients with dynamic, accurate, eye-popping imagery that captures your customer’s attention and easily explains the smallest of details.


We also work hard to keep our cost structure as low as possible to open up the possibility to use this technology to even the smallest organization.  We do this by reusing Engineering assets whenever they are available and by keeping our overhead as low as possible. We turn the complex, technical elements of your product into an effective asset that can benefit both your marketing and training efforts. Take a look around and feel free to pick up the phone or send an email!


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  • Animations created by Gage3D have generated a total of 130,000 views and counting for our clients.  If you’re interested in increasing your website traffic then consider a Gage3D animation.
  • The Gage3D team is full of engineers, educators, salesmen, and graphic designers.  We know what it takes to create tools for your organization that help you tell your story and show your competitive advantage to the world.
  • It was the first time we had met the advertising manager and a couple of engineers from a significant OEM that we had been trying to make a connection with for a long period of time.  We were excited to finally be able to meet her face to face and have a conversation about using [...]

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