Boosting Sales through CGI

QuoteWe were reading through an article provided by eMarketer that discusses the difficulty in maintaining sales quotas. They presented the startling statistic that 2 out of 5 salespeople have difficulty making their quota. This is a significant issue that many businesses are facing today, and we feel it is an excellent opportunity for your business to consider Computer Animation.

The interesting part of the article is where they identified the reasons that sales people are not making their quotas. There were a surprising number of items on this list that can be impacted by using Computer Graphics.

The first item was that the sales force was unable to properly communicate value to the customer. This is a significant issue that every organization faces. We have even faced it in our Studio as well. This however is where Computer Graphics can really begin to make a difference in your organization. You can graphically explain exactly the benefits of your product, and your message will be consistently communicated. The animation almost provides a script for your sales force so they can walk through the benefits of your products with every customer.

Another reason for missing quotas was the inability of the sales force to find relevant resources for selling. This too is a problem for many organizations and the need is only growing. An example of this was an animation that we worked on a few years ago. We felt that it was a rather cut and dry animation describing the benefits of a product, but that video now has over 100,000 views on YouTube. There was an obvious gap in marketing material that this company identified and this video by itself drove significant traffic to their YouTube channel.

One of the final reasons that the article covered for sales personnel missing their quotas was because selling content was not able to be tailored to a specific situation. We have again found this to be a situation that can be improved through the use of computer animation. This again is because there is not script involved only images that everyone can understand. We have even had clients who decided to add a voiceover to the animation, but to provide it in several language options. This helps your marketing information to become approachable by a wider portion of your market.

The points brought up by this article are intriguing, and in a age where companies continue to downsize, it is more important than ever to have sure that your sales force is as effective as possible. We are not suggesting that CGI can cure those nagging issues with sales, but we have been a part of projects that have helped companies begin to close the gap.

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