The clock is ticking. Impressions are being formed. Estimations are being formulated. Conclusions are being jumped to and judgments are being handed out. According to social psychologists all of these interactions take place within 30 seconds of meeting someone or something new. Is it fair, moral, wise, or just? Not really, but this is the fleeting opportunity that your company must maximize when interacting with the fickle interest of customers in BtoB or BtoC sales.

This short 30 seconds is also not enough time for you to pull out your business plan and show them your impressive operation, your dynamic investment strategies, or your brilliant marketing plan. Your message needs to be on point and effective to create an instant impact with your target market.

This is one of the key strengths behind the usage of computer graphics in advertising today. With computer graphics you can illustrate concepts and show perspectives that cannot be captured in real life. The effect is further magnified by the fact that the difference between good CGI and photography is almost non-existent and is often used interchangeably. Advertising agencies use these sensational images to capture their target market’s attention in the hopes of creating a lasting impression. They know how to use color, tone, and layout in a composition to connect with you on a subconscious level. They understand that if they can create an emotional response in some form to their product they have a great chance at making a sale.

Many times companies employ advertising imagery that was generated using output from CAD systems. While the output imagery from these systems are always improving with every release, they pale in comparison to the high level of sophistication that Hollywood studios use for their animation packages. These ultra high-end computer animation programs allow you to focus a great amount of effort making sure every detail is just right. You need to have correct shadow placement, softbox placement, surface reflections, surface texture, and camera placement to really help an image pop and come alive. This attention to detail helps you close the 30 second gap and convert your customers.

The CGI experts here at Gage3Dare well versed in the Engineering, Art and Marketing skills it takes to help you with this crucial 30 second window of opportunity. We have all the tools from stereoscopic 3D production technology to fluids simulation software to BluRay that can be leveraged to help you find that particular look and feel that connects with your target market. We pride ourselves on making all of this technology available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, because appearances do count, and all too often they are counted on the bottom line.

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