Stereo 3D from the movie theater to boardroom

stereoscopic 3dLet’s face it, in today’s faced paced economy, 70% to 80% of most products will be obsolete within 3-4 years. This statement is usually followed by a palpable silence where people glance around the room and shift uncomfortably in their chairs. The dis-comfort typically stems from the fact that many manufacturing company’s current marketing strategies are not ready to deal with these types of speed. This quicker turnover is being fueled by massive increases in technology and constant consumer change. This constantly reshapes the manufacturing landscape and forces companies to adjust their marketing mix. The trend points to the timeline only getting shorter and shorter.

The above paragraph can be very disconcerting for many companies because their current marketing mix can’t respond at this speed. They have been reliant on use of direct mailers that are more geared toward previous forms of marketing campaigns. In these campaigns you would dedicate large amounts of time and money to educating your customer and then hope for the best. The paradigm has shifted and that is where experiential marketing and in particular stereoscopic 3D (S3D) has really helped to bridge the gap.

The core concept of any marketing campaign lies in the creation of meaningful and memorable interactions with potential customers. This philosophy is also one of the key tenants of experiential marketing and is evident by the latest deluge of blockbuster releases using immersive S3D technology. Many major Hollywood animation studios have recognized the benefit of creating an experience for their customers to something beyond just a movie. They have recognized that their customers are hungry for something much more, and are willing to pay up to twice as much for the experience of S3D. This is evident by movies like Avatar which were able to bring in the most amount of money for a movie ever, while doing so with only 37% of the actual number of tickets sold (when compared to the number 2 movie). This was accomplished by movie patrons paying top dollar for the S3D experience.

The basic strategy for S3D, in this form of marketing, is to create an environment to experience of your product that is very unique. This type of interaction differs in that traditional marketing campaigns would blanket traditional forms of media to educate consumers on the benefits of your product. These businesses would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars with mass direct mailings only to have a very small percentage of those people turned into actual clients. The total dollars spent per client is very high and really began to limit the effectiveness of this type of advertising. S3D on the other hand, does not typically reach as many potential clients given its physical constraints, but because of the meaningful and memorable interactions that take place they typically have a much higher percentage of customer conversions.

Here at Gage3D we know about marketing impact and customer conversion. We have always been on the leading edge of technology used in the industrial animation industry to help businesses use this form of media to increase their conversion ratio. We began using HDRI lighting on our models to achieve photorealistic industrial imagery before others recognized the need. We began incorporating difficult fluid simulations into our animations to help customers increase their marketing penetration. We have been producing Blu-Ray content for customers to give their marketing more pop and appeal in large venues. We are also leading the charge in S3D as well. All of these technologies are great, but in our studio we package all of it with over a decade of actual R&D Mechanical Engineering experience as well, which gives you the biggest bang for your buck. We have the tools, people, and experience to help you take your marketing efforts to a new level and convert potential customers to real customers.

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